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Talking Dead with Ambrosia: After & Inmates

Warning: Spoilers Ahead
The usual disclaimer: You know how Talking Dead works. Since the point of the post is as if I’m in the conversation taking place on the show, clearly I will be talking about the episode. Ergo, if you have not yet watched it, you’re going to be pissed if you read this.

Now that I’ve gotten than out of the way, can I just say about Inmates:
CAROL! Oh my God! *flails*  I know she’d be back. A little later than I’d hoped/anticipated. I mean, I wanted her to show up for the battle, maybe be one of the heroes, and she did say that she came back at the end, so in a roundabout way I got my wish.

But let’s start at the beginning.
After was a little too ‘boring’ to write about on its own. I know it was rich in information, but it spoke for itself. It seemed extraordinarily fitting that the first people to reunite were Michonne and Rick and Carl. Carl, as per usual, couldn’t stay in the house, otherwise he’d still have both shoes.  I was happy to see Michonne’s past, I was happy to see her not give up. And being that I find Danai Gurira absolutely beautiful, seeing her in her old life, glam and lovely, was great.

Other than that… yeah. I have nothing to say about that episode. No major opinions other than what was stated above. Moving on to Inmates.

First off, most episode titles have had a bit of a tongue-in-cheek meaning, and I’m still working this one out. Yes, there was the close up of the ‘hitchhikers may be escaped inmates’ sign, and yes, technically, everyone walking in the area had escaped the prison, just trying to figure out if there’s more to it than that, like a freedom thing, like they’re free from…what?

Jim Gaffigan nailed it with the whole episode being about forgiveness. Truth-bomb.

If you saw a sign promising sanctuary for all, would you trust it?
Probably not. Especially now, coming so quickly off the Woodbury thing. I’d be like, forget that, it’s a trap! I don’t think I’d ever go back to any kind of village or community. I’d keep my own people close and that’s it. Never again.

So, Hardwick had me cracking up with his comments about Lizzie: “She will kill you in your sleep.”  “I finally found my passion.” She has definitely become…hardened in this time. Listening to her parrot all the things that Carol taught her, but in less of a teaching method and more of a robot voice, was just odd. I honestly thought she was going to kill Judith. I can’t tell whether or not she intended to when she had her mouth covered or if she really was just trying to keep her quiet. “She was trying to silence that baby.” Yeah, for good. She clearly can’t stop at just bunnies.

Maggie and Glen’s search for each other contrasted with Tyreese and Sasha’s search is pretty interesting. I agree that there’s a pragmatism about it. Maggie and Glen are operating emotionally. Tyreese and Sasha are both like “My brother/sister is tough and he/she is fine. We’ll find him/her.” And with that, with this whole mentality of ‘let’s survive and keep moving forward,’ it adds to the drama surrounding Karen. Will part of him realize that whoever killed Karen thought they were making the right choice? I’m dying – dying – to find out if he is ever going to find out that it was Carol and that’s why she was gone. I mean, Rick, Daryl, and Maggie are the only ones who know. Carol’s not going to say anything, and I’m sure if they all meet up, Daryl won’t. That leaves Maggie and Rick.

Alanna Masterson may have summed up my entire feelings on a baby during the zombie apocalypse. No one needs a crying, zombie-attracting, not-at-all-independent baby around. It’s just… it’s a bad decision. And really, how many people have all of our survivors killed in order to save them in the long run? How is a baby any different? It all goes back to when Lori was pregnant in the first place.

Lizzie and Mika = Merle and Daryl? Wow. Excellent observation, person who commented on Twitter (Hardwick said your name too fast for me to properly credit you, sorry). I think I can see that similarity. One bossing the other around, maybe a little too violent and hard for their own good.

If Beth wasn’t there to motivate Daryl, do you think he would have just given up?
I don’t think Daryl would give up, but I agree with Joe Kernen, that he’d just regress to his old anti-social self. I feel like right now he’s just questioning having so many ties to people, and just thinking about how so much of what he’s been through lately might have been avoided if he’d just stayed alone. His offhand comment to Beth about how faith didn’t help Herschel… ugh. So cold but it probably wasn’t intentional. All the same, if he never formed these relationships, he wouldn’t be here.

I wonder if Daryl and Beth will come across Carol and Tyreese next? The smushed grapes that Daryl & Beth found while tracking and then the group of walkers feasting by the tracks, I’m assuming those are the same grapes Mika stepped on when she ran away, and then that area by the tracks, those walkers are probably eating the guys that had been bitten and mauled but the walkers that Tyreese tried to fight off. Right? So how far behind Carol and Tyreese are they?

Similarly, is the entire season going to be leading up to Terminus? The promo shots tend to be something of an easter egg, and it used to be Rick standing at a torn-down fence. That all made sense in the long run. Now it’s Rick and Carl walking along the tracks. The tracks are obviously important, and now this whole Terminus thing…

Abraham, Rosita, Eugene.
I have no major opinion on them, having not read the books. At some point, I feel like maybe I should, but I feel like I’d just get confused with two different stories happening (I decided to look up some stuff about Carol in the Walking Dead Wiki once, and yeah…completely different story there, especially how she ties in to Lori, Rick, Michonne, Tyreese) or I’d start being like a lot of other people who get pissed when they don’t match. Anyway, I want to know if they have anything to do with Terminus?

Sneak peak: I feel like they’re getting worse and worse with the sneak peak cliffhangers. DAMN, just give me another second. Or, edit it like a trailer. Cut out whatever she sees and just show me her reaction. Give me something!

Talking Dead with Ambrosia: Internment

Warning: Spoiler Alerts
 If you are familiar with the Talking Dead, you know it talks about the episode that just aired, and since I’m posting here as if I’m in that conversation, clearly I will be talking about the episode.

So…in an effort to return to the old format, I’ll just follow along with the show.

Jumping into the Carl and Rick working together discussion, Rick actually asking Carl for legitimate help and giving him an automatic weapon is a huge deal. I think what happened with Carol, regardless of how he feels about it, the whole ‘you can be a farmer but you can’t be just a farmer,’ really hit home. So he’s looking at Carl and thinking, he might be a kid, but he can’t be just a kid. So to let him actually participate in something useful was pretty awesome. Additionally, when he explained to Maggie that he cut Carol loose, he seemed to be questioning his own decision, yet again. Interestingly enough, his being wishy-washy is exactly what made Carol make decisions. I’m still on Team Carol. Yeah, maybe she jumped the gun, but I think the battle that went down in the quarantine-block today shows that she was on the right track.

What do you think Carl would be like now if Lori survived?
I think I have to agree with Chris on this one. If Lori were still around, she would be trying to shelter Carl even more than Rick has been – in all honesty, I think Rick has been trying to keep in sheltered as some sort of tribute to Lori. Look back to when Carl was trying to be like Shane, and he went and did crazy shit like steal Daryl’s gun, got all up in Randall’s face. So now that he’s a little older, puberty is hitting, if Lori was trying to hold him back like a child, he would probably be like, I’m a man, bitch. It’s funny to think about that now, you’ll notice that since Lori’s been dead, there’s been a lot less public outcry of ‘Carl, get in the house.’ Almost like she was the reason he didn’t want to be in the house…

Will Carol hold a grudge/attempt to sabotage the group?
No. Her goal was to protect the group. She’d never deliberately hurt them. A previously discussed theory that she would join up with the governor for whatever reason seems to be null at this point, but maybe she met up with Sam. I’m hoping she’ll come back into play at a time when they need help the most.

Was it a good idea to have such a large community or is a small group safer?
I see both sides to this. Large community means you have more people that you can task with more things. If you have a group of say five, then you either A. can only have 1 person doing certain tasks at certain times, or B. have every one doing one thing at a time. For instance, let’s look at this flu. One person gets it, if you’re a small group, you’re probably all gonna get it anyway. There’s no one who’s not sick that can go get meds. Or, maybe only one or two of you is fine. But that’s only two of you making the run, and three sick people left to take care of each other. You don’t have someone to spare to go reinforce the fence.

Speaking of the fence, I realize nearly everyone is sick or on lockdown, leaving only Maggie (conveniently. I mean, with everyone that died, we’re pretty much back to the original crew again) to be on fence patrol, but before that, or even in spite of that, why wasn’t there a regular clean-up of the fence walkers? I suggested that there should be five-to-ten people who go down there every hour and just clear everything out for say, ten minutes. Clear away whatever you can, thin the herd. Imagine how much less pressure they’d have there.

 If Glen had gotten sick first, would Carol have been able to kill him?
Yes. I think she may have felt even worse about it, but she would have forced herself to do it. There’s a pretty good chance she would have let him die first, but I’m not sure. Similar to Breckin, I thought Glen was a goner.

Leading us to Lizzie, she is going to be pretty bad ass. That was genius, the way she taunted Henry away from Glen, she clearly knows what it takes, and even thought she might have shown some hesitation at some things before, that might be behind her now. Also, I want to mention, I think Carol knew Rick was going to do something when he took her on the run in the last episode. When she was talking to Lizzie, in hindsight, it was definitely a farewell conversation. A lot of people think Rick made up his mind in the moment, maybe when Carol called him out, but I think he already had a plan, and that she knew it.

Who should take Carol’s spot on council, Maggie, Tyrese, or Lizzie?
I actually forgot that Maggie wasn’t on the council. I could have sworn she was. Daryl, Herschel, Glen, Sasha, Carol… was that really it? Sasha was in there, right? I know Michonne sat in, but is she actually part of the council? Anyway, I’m going to say they just leave the position empty.

How will Tyrese react to finding out about Carol, will he be mad at Rick for letting her go or go after her for revenge?
I think he’ll be upset at first. But then, once he accepts she’s not there to take revenge on, he’ll get over it, especially after talking to Michonne about letting go. However, once he sees that people can survive, meaning that Carol’s good intentions were moot, all bets are off. I’m really more anxious to see Daryl’s reaction. Rick’s procrastination at telling him was such a hilarious moment for me.

How will Carol’s absence affect Daryl’s confidence and emotional stability?
He doesn’t need her; he has Michonne. In all seriousness, no, they had each other’s back. Look when they first got to the prison, when Carol went missing, and how distraught and angry he was. He’s going to go off on Rick, and he’s going to go try to find her. Which is really going to put a damper in that Michonne action he’s got.
I really got on board this Micharyl ship.

Could Bob be a spy?
I like the theory that Bob is the Governor’s mole, that does fit. But… Bob was a loner, I don’t think I could see him getting in cahoots with anyone. Who knows?

If everyone was sick and there’s a limited supply of meds, who to save first?
I agree with Herschel, then Caleb. You need the medically trained people to stay healthy, in order to keep the rest of you healthy. Then I’d move on to my warriors, like Glen, Maggie, Sasha. Maybe Carl.

Why was it important for Herschel to shield the kids from killing the dead people?
This is pretty simple, and Adam nailed it. He was just trying to keep a smidgen of innocence for them, and yes, definitely needed to keep the right attitude for the people who hadn’t died yet. Reverse placebo effect.

What is the biggest threat: the weakened population, the megaherd, the governor, or the downed fences?
I think they can handle the herd, and they’re going to work with the fences, but when you throw the downed population and the Governor hovering around, they’re fucked. As far as finding steel… don’t they have a workshop in there? Where do they make the license plates?

Oh, the Guv’nah. The shit is going to hit the fan so hard. I think he’s just spying for now. Has a mole for sure, he has to. Based on the sneak preview, it looks like he still has Martinez and the black guy (seriously, have we ever heard his name or heard him speak?) as his henchmen. I’m still up in the air about the mice being his doing. There’s no other explanation, unless his mole was behind it. But then… we need to know who the mole is.  Anyway… I think he’s coming for Michonne first, Rick second. Michonne just because he’s had a hard-on for her all along, Rick because he bested the shit out of him. I can’t wait for next week!

Talking Dead with Ambrosia: This Sorrowful Life

Warning: Here be spoilers. If you are familiar with the Talking Dead, you know it talks about the episode that just aired, and since I’m posting here as if I’m in that conversation, clearly I will be talking about the episode.

I’d like to open by saying, wow, I’m kind of stunned that Merle went out like that. And how badly do we all want to take Darryl in our arms right now and hold him close? Also, what’s more dangerous than a walker? Answer: One with a blade for a hand, that’s what.

I want to know what YOU guys think regarding the poll question:

I personally feel he’ll be cold and withdrawn. Maybe a mix of going crazy like Rick, but where Rick went nuts immediately, I think it’s going to come out of Daryl randomly.

I adore David Morrissey for the simple fact that he really is so quiet and charming, and then he plays this evil son of a bitch – who bites off people’s fingers! Jeebus Christmas he’s crazier every episode.

Discussion: Glen proposed to Maggie!
Seriously, it was adorable, even though it was so ‘eh’ by him just pushing the ring into her hand, it was really pretty amazing in the sense that he doesn’t have to ask. They were both on the same page so much that words were unnecessary. Zombie apocalypse or not, the two of them, even while in the middle of a fight, have been so in sync with each other (I almost typed nsync, haha) that it almost didn’t matter what was going on around them. A lot of people say that Judith is the symbol of hope in the group, but I think it’s Glen and Maggie.

Discussion: The Governor chasing Andrea in the truck
What I want to know is, how the balls did the Guv’nah just get out of that warehouse and in the truck so fast that he was able to track her down. Also… WHY THE FUCK DIDN’T SHE TAKE THE TRUCK? (at this, I imagine they would all laugh, especially Reggie Watts)

Discussion: Rick
(Almost in reply to Greg Nicotero) I think Rick has changed the most this season than he has in any other. He was so much about saving his own people, and his own ass, that he wasn’t willing to let anyone else in, to coming full circle back to the person he used to be, the person he asked Herschel to be last season, the person who takes people in. He’s since come to realize that Michonne is part of the family, and much like High School Musical, they’re al in this together.

Discussion: Merle’s Death
First off, Michael Rooker is hysterical. Honestly, I don’t think I could have ever expected such an emotional response to Merle’s death. I think it was just the way he bit it. Had he gone down in a shoot-out or something with the Governor or some other survivor, maybe not as intense. Being taken out in such close proximity by the Governor, and then left to become a walker… ugh. Shot through the chest instead of the head, so awful. Daryl’s reaction – from the second he realizes his brother has turned to falling on the ground after killing him – was definitely the most beautiful thing I’ve seen Norman Reedus do. I mean, that first scene when he takes crying Judith in his arms was pretty lovely, but this was just pure rawness.

“I know what I’m poking when I poke it.” – I just about died there. Little Merle.

Questions: What would Governor be like if family survived? Was the torture chamber for Andrea all along?
Honestly, after hearing his bitch-fest (which for all we know, isn’t even true) about how he was in this shitty job working for a toddler boss (and I’ve been there), it seems like he was power-hungry from day one, and I’m sure he would similar. Maybe not to the extreme he is, but certainly he would be shooting for leadership.
Initially, I thought the chair was for walkers, but I’m inclined to agree with Morrissey, that it was for Michonne, likely from the very beginning, when she and Andrea first came to town and she was suspicious of him. Then when he wasn’t able to get her, he turned the rage upon Andrea, in light of her recent betrayal.

And now, regarding the preview of the finale. Number one, that throbbing music that often follows the Governor is heart-poundingly scary. It has nearly the same effect of the theme song for the Halloween movies. It’s effing scary.
Also, since they bring up Milton, he’s clearly starting to stand up for himself. I think/hope that next week he’ll rescue Andrea and they’ll be on the run. That will be the end of the show. Might be similar to the way she met Michonne, they’ll be surrounded by zombies, and then… Tyrese to the rescue! I can only hope, anyway.

Okay, that’s all for Talking Dead with Melissa Limasse. See you next week!

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