Bad Girls Club Mexico: The Reunion

Alright everyone, it’s that time. You guys, it took three months for this to happen. We’re watching Part 1, 2, and 3 of this reunion. Bam. Limasse and I will be co-writing this one, as we’re sitting down to watch it together, mostly because I dared her to. I don’t know how we’re going to split this up. I usually just watch this with my mouth hanging open like an idiot, she has the snarky comments, so it’s likely I’ll just be writing whatever she says. Anything in quotes is from her, and this will kind of read like a half-assed transcript of our conversation.

And… ready? Go:

“Uuuuggghhhhhh. Yeah, I forgot how much I hated her.” About Julie.

Rima apparently has grown up a little bit. So that’s a good thing, right? Christina and Andrea, not so much. “But I like Andrea.” You only like her because she reminds you of [her friend’s name]. “Yeah probably.”

I can’t wait to see them all together.

“Yikes! I forgot Erika had that nose piercing. It just looks scary on her.”

When did Erika and Mehgan become friends? Looks like they haven’t grown up either.

For the record, Limasse and I have some very different opinions on our favorites. I like Ashley. I hope she learned to stand up for herself and to not let someone else fight her fights for her, but I think she was the most genuine in the whole house. However, the most -MOST- genuine were definitely Zuly and Natasha (of course the new ones) that we both like. I personally think it’s I’m a lot like Zuly (with the exception of sexual preference and that cool accent), and she’s a bit like Natasha. In fact, when Natasha first showed up, I was like, oh shit, it’s Limasse!

This is going to be so awesome.

“I’m still jealous of Falen’s style. And still sad that she turned out to be so fake. I was really counting on her.”

If Mehgan wasn’t so annoying, all Whitley-wannabe (did I just date myself with that?), she really would be very beautiful. Shame.

When do the reunions take place? Haven’t the girls seen the Julie-Falen hookup? Why should it be a secret that Rima and Ashley didn’t know? I’m so confused.

I feel like we should have been following these bitches on Twitter all along.

Right now, we’re just kind of watching this in silence. And remembering Tanisha and what the BGC used to be.

Ever wonder what’s with all the guys in the crowd at these reunions? Dudes that got dragged by their girlfriends? Gay guys? Brothers of the cast? Guys who thought they’d hook up with the cast?

And see, see? Tanisha thinks Ashley is the most genuine. “I never said she wasn’t.”

“Okay, why is she wearing a bra? Oh Andrea, what are you doing?”

The thing about Andrea and Ashley, is that they’re actually really a lot alike. I wonder how much being on a show like this changes these girls. We know from some of them, it makes them think they’re a full-on celebrity. Was Andrea always this full of herself? “Was Ashley? Look at her audition tape and her first few days compared to now.” She learned to stand up for herself, that’s different.

I’m actually right with Limasse laughing at all these white chicks with weaves.

“Seriously though, Andrea is half the size of all those chicks. They’re not that great for whooping on her. Although… she is going a little too hard here.”

Is Rima pregnant?

I do think it’s sad that these chicks can watch footage of themselves acting like that and smile and clap. I just once want to see someone on these reunions and be like, you know what? I’m nothing like that person, if I could do things over I would.

I do see a little bit of Rima nipple. And I giggled like a twelve-year-old boy.

WHAT! Zuly! I just called this. Someone to sit there and say she wished she’d done it differently. Another reason why Zuly is top of our list.

Laughing that Mehgan and Tanisha nearly have the same weave.

Falen and Mehgan… wow. Falen looked kind of crazy, right?

“I still want to know what happened to Christina. No one has that kind of anger for no reason.”

Another example of the random ‘between commercial clips’ that are in direct conflict with what else is going on. Falen’s got shaving cream for Mehgan, and Mehgan just sits there and jokes along with her about her hairy legs, and lets Falen put the cream on her leg. That’s like the kind of thing friends joke about together. Same thing happened in one of the episodes, the whole house was fighting, but then the random commercial clip of them all playing tag or something.

Holy fuck! Falen too! Talking about how ridiculous everything is. “YES!” (Limasse jumped up off the couch just now) “I knew it, I knew she couldn’t really be all up in all this bullshit!” But she is getting loud right now, despite having just said she’s a woman and shouldn’t be getting loud.

Okay… Now Limasse just jumped up again and ran in the kitchen, screaming ‘Wooooo!’ (pretty sure she just woke up one of my kids) Can you guess why? If you guessed that Erika just jumped on Julie and began a 10 punch (if you every watched wrestling, you get it), you’re right. We both have a similar stance on the fighting, it’s not ladylike, but every so often there’s that one… there’s that one. We called each other up to celebrate the beatdown that the Twins got in Vegas (was it Vegas?), and if we weren’t already watching this together, we probably would have done the same. What’s funny, is that it seems the entire cast is okay with this, as they’re all just sitting there looking bored. Even Falen just left the scene, as opposed to trying to jump in and stop it the way Julie did when Mehgan attacked her.

Does that mean that even Falen hates Julie? Lord, I hope so.

Wait. When did Julie become a declared bisexual? Also, what’s this trend with the long pointy nails? I hate it.

Also, I’m not gay, but Zuly, all prettied up, something about her going ‘If I want it I get it,’ was really hot. These bitches talking about how it wasn’t good, especially Rima, but yet at the time they were like ‘get it!’  Rima likes this shit (nothing wrong with it if she does!) so she needs to stop talking about how much she doesn’t.

Mehgan! Mehgan coming in with the apologies. Oh my God, what’s going on tonight? Well… three months ago. I’ve never seen so many people come so straight. Not only that, but one of the loudest mouths.

Ha. Yes, on one hand Tanisha is correct. Only the BGC alumna truly know what it’s like in that house, but really, some of us deal with this on small doses every single day.

Mehgan again! Bringing up Julie talking about Falen being broke. I think Limasse pointed that out awhile back, right? I’m liking Mehgan a little more and more as the reunion goes on.

How great was the multiple beatdown Julie got? Karma. Honestly, karma. And Tanisha talking about not kicking a girl when she’s down… didn’t Julie do that through the whole show? Especially coming from a place where she always got mocked as a child and a teen? Now does she remember how that felt? She doesn’t regret anything, but it taught her things that she needs to change about herself? Then, that means you regret what you did, duh!

The strippers were not attractive.


Final Thoughts:  Tanisha is and always will be the ultimate Bad Girl. One of the few who took her time in the house to actually grow as a person. “All the rest of these other broads can shut up.” Can’t stop being so happy that Julie got it from everyone. Phrase of the night: ‘Confessional Gangstas’ Christina needs to patent that shit. Matter of fact, I’m going on urban dictionary right now. I’ll add the link when it’s approved. Next season, Limasse and I will share “reporting” duties. We’re also pretty sure the youngest age of the upcoming Atlanta cast is 30.


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