Ursula Major Becomes Ursula Minor

They say bad girls have more fun, and I agree, but do they go on crash diets to become the face of a cosmetics line? MAC and Disney Stores teamed up almost two years ago to create the Venomous Villains collection, which will hit stores this September. Lip colors, eyeshadows and nail polish inspired by deliciously evil ladies like Cruella De Vil, Maleficient and the Queen of Hearts will undoubtedly rock (might give Kat Von D’s entirely-too-pricey- line a run for its money), but will it join the ranks of clothing lines and send a message about weight?

While Cruella is her same original bony self, and the Evil Queen will see her same Puritanically covered body when she looks in the mirror, one sea bitch is going to find that the only thing she’ll recognize is her hair. Maybe her eyes. Was it the Star Jones diet? She’ll hardly scare Ariel now.

One of the best things about Ursula is that she’s the only Disney villains that I actually kind of like (I also like Yzma from Emporer’s New Groove, but that’s because she’s adorable and was voiced by Eartha Kitt). She’s voluptuous and actually looks like a woman.  She’s got curves, she’s got that Mae West husky bedroom voice. Now she’s just some uppity bitch. If they were just trying to reign her in, because frankly, all those tentacles take up a lot of space, then get rid of the tentacles, and make it a slinky black dress on a thicky-thick woman. You can easily smooth her out and still keep her general shape.

Seriously MAC and/or Disney, what the shit?


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