Celebrity Crushes 2012: Gentlemen

We all know how fun crushes can be, particularly the celebrity ones. They allow you the chance to daydream, to wonder what life would be like if one of these gentleman (or ladies) plucked you out of nobodydom to be their girl. Or guy. A lot of people will find that they had a celebrity crush for a certain period in their life, and when they see that crush now, are instantly transported to that time. Some of those crushes stand the test of time, as is the case for my number one and one of my honorable mentions.

Bring on the man candy!

Honorable Mention: Bug Hall, Lawrence brothers
When it comes to the Lawrence brothers, the Andrew crush is something new. Joe has been there ever since the first time he said “Whoa!” and Matt really hit the mark sometime during Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad.  I will never forget the days of the trio’s made for TV movies, and would probably pay money to help fund one to be made now. Joe’s recent venture with Melissa & Joey has sort of re-cemented him back in line, bringing his brothers with it.  As for Mr. Bug Hall (you all most likely know him as Alfalfa), I’m torn between this being an actual crush and a twist on bromance. I’m lucky enough to chat with him on occasionally via Twitter, which helps break down the wall between random citizen and relatively famous actor. When we engage in said conversation, I wish that we were besties and having these chats in person or by texting. I think he’d be awesome to hang out with, and to talk about what he’s been through in his life. A live chat with all his Twitter followers just isn’t enough. But either way, he has a charisma about him that makes me think I’d probably fall into his arms and swoon if we ever met, which is why he has earned an honorable mention on this list.

The following are technically ranked, although 2-6 can be somewhat interchangeable. I crush on them each for different reasons, and sometimes it just depends on my mood.

#6: David Henrie
This is where I admit that my newfound quasi-friendship with Bug Hall stemmed from obsessive behavior over Wizards of Waverly Place’s David Henrie. I was reading through Henrie’s Twitter and discovering who his friends were. From here, I ended up following Hall, initially for updates regarding Henrie, and pictures including him. Henrie’s posts, while entertaining and sometimes visually stimulating, ended up being easily read and dismissed by me (as opposed to many others’ posts, where I often want to reply to every single thing), and led me to wonder if this crush is based on simple appearance or substance. I mean, there’s no doubt that Henrie is funny, but I don’t know that much about him to give it much energy. While I look forward to seeing him accomplish many of the things that he has stated he plans to set out to do, I really view this as a straightforward hotness crush.

#5: Kellan Lutz
Emmett. Do I really have to say any more than this? It is the thing that he is most known for, although he has been in many other feature movies, like Immortals, as well as small roles in the comedies Accepted and Stick It. One of the exceptions to my glaringly obvious brunette type, Lutz is a natural blonde. In keeping with my preferences, however, I like him much better when his hair is brown or a dirty-blonde dark enough to look brown. Some would argue with me that he is actually much further up on my list than number five, but I have shamelessly pigeonholed him into a simple hot bod category. I admire his dedication to our canine friends (his stories about adopting his dogs makes me smile every time), and to other charitable projects such as the St. Bernard Project. He seems to be filled with a really intense inner joy, as I have yet to see him tweet something that was not inspirational or motivational in some way.

#4: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Talk about going around in circles. When I was young, I crushed on Joey Gordon-Levitt following, of course, 10 Things. It faded for a bit, as teenage celeb crushes are wont to do, when Gordon-Levitt himself faded from sight to attend school. With him back, and me crushing on him again, I have to say he mesmerizes me. What draws me to him is that he’s extremely attractive, but in a way that doesn’t overpower him, and this is what allows me to want to know more about him. I find hitRECord, an online collaborative production company that shares its profits with contributing artists, to be fascinating and gracious, and frankly, genius. It has been said that Gordon-Levitt does not like celebrity, and when you watch him in any interview appearance he does come across as very humble, and I believe this is what enables him to do the work that he does with hitRECord (which I recently joined). Can you imagine anyone else obtaining poetry and art from random artists across the country and not only sharing the profits with them, but allowing the original creators to maintain their own rights? For this, my crush on him comes from far more subtance, and therefore, he is the one who wavers the most in his position on this list.

#3: Ryan Reynolds
The only other true exception to my brunette rule and another example of physical appearance overwhelming pretty much everything else. While I find Reynolds hilarious, in both an acting capacity and in personality, I have no idea, nor can I garner one even from interviews, what kind of person he actually is. Whether this is me simply not caring to look past a pretty face or Reynolds himself purposely avoiding living his entire life in the public eye, I do not know. I also don’t know if I care. I fall all over myself trying to watch any movie that he’s in, even if it’s something I normally wouldn’t sit through. One of the things I do respect about him is that he doesn’t just frivolously give money away to a bunch of charities just for show. He supports the Micheal J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, and several years ago he ran the New York City Marathon for his father, who suffers from the disease. Similar to my admiration for Rosario Dawson, who supports causes that are personal to her, I respect that he chooses to focus on something that affects his life, whether directly or indirectly.

#2: Robert Downey Jr.
As friends of mine have said, this man has aged like a fine wine. To that, I add, a wine that I want to sip on all night long. I’m still not sure whether or not this particular crush is a testament to the fact that I am getting older and therefore my tastes are slowing shifting to more mature men (the median age of this list including honorable mentions being 32). When I watch movies from the late 90s, in which RDJ was the age that I am now, I don’t find him attractive in the least. It has been narrowed down, in his case, that it’s the difference between his smooth boyish looks to this more rugged appearance. To say I admire him may be a stretch, but I find it impressive that after years of drug use (his father used to make doing drugs a father-son activity) and the constant arrests for it, he was able to get his shit together and continue his career.

#1:  JC Chasez
No matter my age, no matter the amount of time that passes between the last Nsync album and JC’s own solo album and whatever ‘now’ is, this man will forever be at the top of this list, and even if he should fall, will never fall below the top three. It’s his voice. It’s the sheer, raw talent that pours forth every time he opens his mouth. It’s the way his music was there for me at times when nothing and no one was. It’s the way his verse in “This I Promise You” sends chills through me whenever I hear it. It’s the way he always played second fiddle to his bandmate without making it into a thing. In 2004 he promoted his album with a small club tour, and while I felt awful that he had just sold out a stadium and and arena the last times he came to town as a member of Nsync, and could barely pack this bar, I can easily say that no musical event has been better. The show was terribly publicized – I didn’t even know about it until three days prior – but that somehow made it even better. Hundreds of dollars could get you front row at Nsync, but that was nothing compared to being directly in front of that stage in the more intimate setting that the club allowed. When I shouted something inappropriate and he was both able to hear and and reply to me, it locked the night in place as surpassing my experiences at all four previous Nsync concerts, even PopOdyssey, and we know how amazing that performance was.

So… who are some of your top or enduring celebrity crushes?


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